John MacArthur & Rick Warren Unite

This is a very interesting video.  It is quite insightful what he says about tacit endorsements.  He calls out MANY very popular pastors/teachers.


Invasion of the Flour Bugs

We have been dealing with an invasion of those nasty, little flour bugs.  I finally found the culprit in the pantry closet.  Of all things, it was the very top shelf, so lots of going up and down the step stool, taking everything off the shelf, pitching much of it, cleaning the shelf, then adding some cotton balls with tea tree oil to help repel them.

What is hilarious about this whole thing is that these bugs are called ‘weevils.’  Read that as WE EVIL!   Very appropriate name.  And just as I finished getting everything done, the song posted below started playing.  How fitting!  Yes, I used that authority!  Just call me the slayer!

Chemical Attack in Syria – False Flag

Please watch this important video.  We have been ‘snowed’ by our government and the media.  It wasn’t Syria who did this chemical attack.  It doesn’t even make sense that they would attack their own people!  Tab forward to the 25 minute mark to hear the information on who is really behind it.  Then pray, pray, pray that we don’t go to an unjust war!