One thing I’ve seen over and over on TV is how the ads for automobiles connect the idea that you are what you drive. That is such a lie! A car isn’t about who you are!!! It is a TOOL to get you from one place to another. Some people would probably be mortified to think about driving the 1999 Pontiac that I drive. But I don’t let it affect how I feel about myself. I like the idea of not having a high monthly car payment. I remember hearing Larry Burkett say many years ago, “You can fix an older car for a lot cheaper than you can make a monthly payment.” That statement has stuck with me for years.

I know we are getting to the point that we are going to need to get a different car. Mine is rusting out on the bottom really bad. Our daughter will be getting her license soon, so we are going to need a third car. However, I will NOT be buying a NEW car. That is one of the biggest wastes of money there is because of the automatic depreciation you get the minute you drive that fancy, new car off the dealer’s lot. (Another wise tidbit from Larry Burkett.) He always said that it is much wiser to let someone else take that huge depreciation off a new car, then you can buy the car a few years later. You still get a very nice car, without requiring so much financially.

Hubby drives a truck about the same age as my car. He uses it for his work. It’s seen a lot of wear and tear from carrying equipment, traveling out of town, etc., but guess what? It still does the job!

By ignoring the lies of the automobile ads on TV, you can save yourself a LOT of money!


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