Weekend off work

After working every weekend this month, I finally have a weekend off. It has been nothing less than heavenly. I slept in until around 8:00. (Yes, that really IS sleeping in since I’m normally up at 4:45.) I chatted a bit with hubby while drinking my coffee, then he headed in to do some work in the other room. I decided to work out with Shaun T’s Extreme Cardio. That was quite rejuvenating!

While waiting to cool down, I did my Bible study. I also did a bit of blogging on my devotional blog, as well as some things around the house like wash dishes and do a load of laundry.

After a nice, relaxing, hot bath, I watched a DVD of Doc with dd, who finally got up around noon. I took a nice nap this afternoon, waking up just as hubby was coming in from doing a job. DD headed out to a party around 3:30, so I decided to use her laptop and get this particular blog up and running. I’ve been listening to some worship songs from youtube while working on my blog. It’s been so nice and refreshing — a perfect day, in fact!

Thank you, Lord for refreshing me this day. You know how much I needed it and I am MOST grateful for it!

And since dd just got home, I will now sign off and spend some time with her before heading to bed.


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