Had a wonderful day today. Finally got to be in church again, after working the last 3 Sundays. It felt so good to see my church family again!

Dh got Sunday dinner for us from KFC so that I wasn’t busy cooking today since I haven’t had a Sunday off for so long. What a blessing! He takes such good care of me! (Now if I can just get him to give me a back rub this evening…..)

DD and I went to Kohl’s to use my Kohl’s cash and my 30% off coupon before it expired. We bought a Magic Bullet but dh didn’t like it. I talked him into going with me to take it back so he could pick out what gadget he wanted since today was the last day for the 30% off. We ended up getting the Ninja that will do frozen blending, food processing, dough mixing, and complete juicing. I think we will be much happier with this choice, even though it cost quite a bit more. When we got home, the first thing I did was make frozen coffee. YUM!

We had a Juiceman Juicer several years ago. When I started using it, I went from a size 18 to a size 12 in only 30 days!!!! It was amazing how fast the weight came off. I also drank so much carrot juice that I got the “carrot tan.”

Since moving to my new position at work, which is at a sit-down job, as opposed to walking four miles a shift, I have been putting on some weight again. After going from a size 18 to a size 8, I’m not at all happy about going up a few sizes. Plus, when I was a size 8, I felt the best that I have EVER felt in my life. It was wonderful. Now my back is starting to hurt a lot more, my joints hurt, etc., so I really do want to get some of the weight off, and even with as much as I work out, it is just not coming off. Hopefully, the Ninja will help kick-start my metabolism and help me to eat healthier too.

I will post updates on my progress with working out and trying to make healthier choices.


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