Bragging on my daughter

My daughter has always been a very good child.  Whenever we would be out shopping, if she wanted something, and the answer from me was no, she never argued or threw a fit.

Moving ahead a decade later, and entering the workforce, she continues to be a true blessing to me.  Every day, she will ask me, “Mom, what do you need me to do today?”  (As in, what chores do I want done?)  Whenever I share this with others, they are stunned by it.  It makes me realize that my dd is not the norm, and we are truly blessed to have her.  She has a very sensitive, caring spirit, and can sense when I am beginning to feel overwhelmed.  She will immediately come to me, seeking to help me get caught up, etc., so that I won’t feel so stressed out.

When I came home from work yesterday, she sat down with her laptop while I was enjoying some quiet time on the couch, and she started typing up her school lessons for this week.  She only needed to ask me a few things on a couple of her courses.  The rest — she already knew exactly what needed to be done.

If she forgets to ask me if I need her to do any chores, I can expect to get a phone call or an email later while at work, asking me that very question.  What a good kid!!!  She is a very special, caring young lady.  Whoever her future mate will be is going to be one blessed man indeed.


3 thoughts on “Bragging on my daughter

  1. Seems like I have followed you forever…: ) and loved every moment!! When does your daughter graduate and will she been attending college? So proud of her and you!!!

  2. Tisha,

    DD will be graduating in June.
    And yes, you have been with me “forever,” as in, from the beginnings of my online ministry. Thanks for your sweet words.

    Annie Kate, How nice to hear from you again! It feels good to be blogging again. It is much easier, now that we finally got high speed! LOL! Are you still blogging?

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