Juicing and other news

We tried using our new Ninja for juicing.  However, since it doesn’t remove the pulp, we found that you had to add so much apple juice or orange juice that it caused the calorie content to increase immensely, and thus, defeating the purpose of why I wanted to be juicing again.  We will still use the Ninja if we want smoothies.  And I can make healthy smoothies for me that will have enough protein to keep my sugar elevated.  (I am hypoglycemic.)

I opted to buy a Hamilton Beach juicer yesterday at Walmart.  I made 2 glasses of carrot/apple juice this evening.  It was DELICIOUS.  I ate a bite of peanut butter for my protein and had a piece of carrot bread that I made with the pulp.  I’m hoping I start seeing results soon.  I’ve gained 10 pounds this year, and I am NOT happy about it!  I don’t feel as good physically and I want to get back to feeling better.  I see the difference that it makes to carry that extra 10 pounds and I don’t like it!  (When we bought a Juiceman juicer several years ago, I went from a size 18 to a 12 in 30 days!)

Speaking of that Juiceman juicer, it sure took a lot of carrots to make ONE glass of carrot juice.  I was able to use TWO carrots and get a full 12 oz. glass of juice with our new Hamilton Beach juicer, meaning it will be better on our budget too.  So having it be healthy for us physically AND financially is FANTASTIC!!!

Onto other topics —

DD had small group tonight.  Since it was dark and rainy, she didn’t want to drive.  However, I told her she needs to get used to driving in those conditions.  She did a GREAT job!

I had a $10 coupon for Kohl’s that expires tomorrow so I decided that I better use it today after work.  I bought 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants for baby Aedan (my nephew’s baby).  I never knew shopping for a boy could be so much fun!  The clothes were SO cute!  I can’t wait for his mama to open them at Christmas!  My nephew is currently deployed in Afghanistan.  He had to leave when Aedan was only a month old.  We are sure looking forward to when my nephew is safely home with his family.


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