Juicing and working out

Since I am off work for the weekend, I opted to try something new for breakfast.  I juiced an apple, pear, and tangerine.  I added that to the Ninja, along with some yogurt and made it into a smoothie.   While the smoothie was very good, the yogurt had WAY TOO MUCH sugar!!!  Being that I am hypoglycemic, I have to watch my sugar intake.  I’m sure glad that I waited to try this until I had a day off.  I felt horrible after drinking it.

I will go back to my normal breakfast which consists of Kellogg’s Protein Plus cereal.  I love that stuff!  I would give up pizza before giving up my cereal.   I also eat a peanut butter on toast in the morning.  I drink a protein drink — the kind like people who workout use.  It has LOTS of protein in it, and helps keep my sugar levels stabilized throughout the morning.  And of course, I have to have my morning coffee.

Later today, I worked out on the Wii.  I did nearly an hour of Just Dance.  I also used my exercise bands for a bit this afternoon to work my legs.

I made apple/carrot juice to have shortly before supper.  If I drink about 30 minutes before time to eat, then I don’t eat nearly as much.

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