The Countdown Until………

So lots of people are counting the days until Christmas. Me? I’m counting something different. I am counting down the days until I reach the other side of…….MENOPAUSE! LOL! 26 more days, and I will have crossed over to the other side!

At age 37, I was diagnosed as being in the peri-menopause stage. I would wake up in the middle of the night, absolutely DRENCHED! I was having a LOT of hot flashes. My doctor wanted me to try Premarin, but after reading the ingredients, I decided I didn’t want to take it. Instead, I have been taking MENOPAUSE ESSENTIALS from It is well worth the money!

I have been having more hot flashes here recently, but they haven’t been unbearable. I still have frequent night sweats, but I also like to sleep with lots of covers in the colder months, so that likely doesn’t help much. I’m not giving up my “blankies!” LOL!

And so the countdown continues….

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