Our city was hit very hard by two tornadoes yesterday. I had to work until 3:00. I knew there was a tornado hitting the ground just 15 miles west of us, but knowing that my dd was home alone (and sick), I wasn’t about to stay in the building until things were clear. I prayed fervently all the way home, and kept my eyes on the western skies.

By the time I got home (20 minutes later), we were under a tornado warning. I ran into the house and yelled, “Get your tennis shoes on and get into the hall with pillows to cover your head!” We were in the hall for 30-45 until all was clear.

I later found out that one of the area that had been hardest hit by the tornado is an area where I had just been 5 MINUTES BEFORE it touched down! I still get chills when I think about how close I was to the danger. I also thank the Lord for getting me home safely before it touched down.

As I drove to work this morning, I could easily tell which areas were hardest hit because it was completely black in those areas, and eerily quiet. Once I got off work, I was able to view more of the damage and was astonished by what I saw. Utter devastation in so many places. But at the same time, I could also see a very strong spirit in those who faced such losses and in the many volunteers who were stepping up to help those in need. You could clearly see that they weren’t going to give in and let the tornadoes devastating effects defeat them. They WILL get through this, and be better, stronger people.

tornado damage

This was once a house owned by a lady I know. Many years ago, when her hubby was a pastor, we attended their church. Her testimony on the evening news was very inspiring.

Being that my own brother is a fireman, I found this next photo particularly interesting:

fire dept.

Though there were many injuries in our area, we are thankful that no one was killed during these storms.

On a funnier note from yesterday, I was trying to quickly think of the bare necessities that I wanted to keep on my person while taking shelter in the hallway. I grabbed my wallet, my two flash drives (one has all of the devotions I’ve written over the last several years and one has dd’s senior pictures), and last of all, I grabbed my bottle of……Vesicare! LOL! My coworkers got a good laugh out of that one!


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