Working and Homeschooling, and a little bit more

DD is nearly finished with her sociology course for the semester.  She is very near the end of her Life Strategies course as well.  (Both are one-semester courses that I put together myself.)  Her second semester should be a very light load for her.
I am taking vacation from Dec. 4-9 so we should be able to take a few days off from her schooling to do some fun things.  Then she will get to do a not-so-fun thing — take the S.A.T.  Hopefully, she wil do better on that than she did when she took the A.C.T.  She was sick when she took test, and the results showed that she wasn’t feeling well.
DD has several appointments I am trying to get out of the way before my vacation because who wants to spend their vacation at the doctor???  I already had to reschedule her eye doctor and dental appointments when she was sick last week.  It will be nice to have those out of the way before my vacation starts.
I will be off work for Thanksgiving, but I will be working on Christmas Day.  I volunteer to work that day so others who have young children can be there with their families.  Plus, our very extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, and their kids/grandkids) get together in the late afternoon on Christmas Day.  Since I’ve been working all day, I can show up and not have to bring any food!  LOL!  As for us, we do our at-home Christmas on Christmas Eve.  We usually get together with our immediate extended family (my parents, siblings, and their kids) on the Sunday before or after Christmas.

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