Tornado pictures and testimonies

Here are some pictures from the tornadoes that swept through our city a week ago.

This is a billboard that my hubby worked on many times in the past:


Here is another image of the same sign:


Here is another billboard that he worked on:


Here is a house knocked off its foundation, and thrown near the street:


Look at where the porch from this house is, compared to where the house is now sitting:


Here is a side view of the above house:


You can see the path of the tornado here:


Another view of the same area:


Here are a couple of wide-view shots of the tornado’s path:

wide view


As we drove through the area, all you could see was one house after another with a big orange X marked on the front of the houses. It was unbelievable to view it.

At church this morning, we got to hear some incredible stories. One lady’s porch was gone, yet a cross on the front of her house remained intact. As you walked through her house, you could see where the walls were damaged, and many items were thrown from the walls, yet where she had multiple crosses hanging throughout her home, all remained untouched by the tornado. Walking out her back door, there were two 2x4s stuck in a tree, in the form of a perfectly shaped cross.

Another neat story was about the car dealership that lost 80% of its inventory. The west side of the building had lots of huge windows, and that is where the offices of the salesmen were located. When the windows shattered, it demolished the offices and everything in them. As the employees arrived on site to view the devastation, one worker looked at his desk and found a wooden cross that he always kept on his desk, UNTOUCHED and UNMOVED. He noticed that several of his unsaved coworkers would start to walk by his desk, then stop, get out their cell phone, and take a picture of that cross, still in place. Many people are searching for hope in the midst of the devastation, and they were finding it in a simple cross.

Another neat story was of the many volunteers who have stepped in.  One couple flew from the state of Washington to come all the way to central Indiana, just to help those in need.  We couldn’t help but talk about how if these two tornadoes had hit on Monday, instead of a Sunday afternoon, the loss of life would have been devastating.  So many people would not be here today if that awful storm had come one day later..


One thought on “Tornado pictures and testimonies

  1. My dear Sis, it’s sad to hear this news. Thoughts and prayers with everyone that has been affected by this incident. I pray for the love and comfort of the Holy Spirit to heal and restore lives in your community. Thanks for sharing the pictures ~ Love and blessings sent to you and all.

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