Thanksgiving photos

We had a wonderful time at my mom and dad’s house.  Lots of good food and loads of fun hanging out with the family.  Here are some pictures of my great-nephew Aedan.  His daddy is serving our country in Afghanistan.  We are hoping that he will be safely home before Christmas.

Aedan sure enjoyed the chance to play on the piano.

I love his happy expression in this one:

After getting his belly full, he quickly went to sleep in dd’s arms, and she was loving it!

Once nap time was over, it was time to play again.  His mommy bought a bear that is dressed in Army colors.  It has a place on the belly for a picture of his daddy.  She shows it to him frequently.  Even though he was only one month old when his daddy left for Afghanistan, he gets VERY excited when he sees that bear with daddy’s picture on it.  It is very sweet to watch his expression and body language when looking at it.

He was quite fascinated with my necklace.

And he was even more fascinated with the Christmas tree and the shiny lights!

I love this one!



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