Birthday gift

For my 50th birthday, my parents gave me $50.  I finally decided what I wanted to buy with the money — though I needed to add some more to it.  Here’s what I bought:

FOCUS T25FOCUS T25FOCUS T25Focus T25 DVD Alpha and Beta  + Bonus Core Speed DVD

I have several other workouts by Shaun T, and I really enjoy them.  I decided to try this one too since it also has a low-impact modifier.

I’m still juicing, and though I’m not seeing a lot of difference it my weight, I have dropped a size.  I have also noticed an improvement in my digestion.

I am also still building muscle mass and muscle weighs more than fat.  After focusing on trying to build up the muscle mass in my triceps, I finally have mostly muscle instead of flab!!! WOOHOO!!!

I have also been doing a lot of inner thigh squats, trying to firm up the flab between my legs.  It’s getting much better, but I still have more work to do.  I will often do 50-75 of those in a day.  It is nice to see that I have built up my stamina where I can do a lot more than what I used to be able to do.

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