A weekend off…..

After putting in some very long hours this week, I am enjoying a weekend at home.  I finally managed to figure out what we will do for our Christmas at home, as far as menu planning goes.

christmas tree

christmas tree (Photo credit: fsse8info)

I work Monday until 3:00.  We will do pizza that night and open our gifts at home in the evening (dd’s request.)

Christmas gifts.

Christmas gifts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christmas Eve will be our “Christmas at home” day.  When we first had our daughter, hubby and I decided to do a new tradition — that of spending Christmas Day at home.  We both have memories from our childhoods of having to rush to open gifts on Christmas morning, then getting ready to leave for the family gathering that day.  Or it was a rush to open gifts, then hide them because the family gathering would be at our house, and we didn’t want all of the cousins going through our new stuff, and possibly breaking it.  DD has loved that we have guarded her Christmas Day by allowing her to enjoy a day at home to enjoy her new gifts and spending time with us.

However, now that I work a job in a hospital, working holidays are part of it.  So we have adjusted our schedule to still allow a “Christmas day at home” by simply switching our “Christmas” to another day.

For our “Christmas at home” day, I will make my copycat recipe for Wendy’s chili.  The meat is already fried, drained, and ready to go, so it will be quite easy to finish putting it together.

Right now, I’m relaxed and enjoying listening to dd playing her keyboard.  I really need to get busy doing some other things, but it sure has been nice to have a relaxed day to enjoy sleeping in on this very rainy day, then watching a couple of Christmas movies on TV.

One thing that makes me chuckle is the response I get from those who discover that I am working on Christmas Day.  I actually have an ulterior motive — the money is good because you get holiday pay for it.  But also, the huge family get together (aunts, uncles, cousins, their kids, and grandkids) is always around 4PM on the 25th.  Since I don’t get off until 3:00, I can attend the event and not have to show up with food because I’ve been working all day!

I’ve been battling a bit of depression this week.  You see, many years ago on this day, when I was only 15 years old, a dear friend of mine was in a car wreck.  After lingering for three days, he died on Christmas Eve.  I  can’t help but remember him this time of year.  Even 36 years later, the sting of death is still there.  I rejoice in knowing that he is with our Father in heaven, but I still miss him.  Losing someone at the very tender age of 15 is something that will stick with you for years to come.  At that time, he was the closest person I had ever lost.  This year is made even more difficult because his mother just passed away a few months ago.  I know Christmas is going to be very hard for his family.  In fact, I just emailed his dad to let him know that I am thinking of him and praying for them as Christmas approaches.  I got a response from him and yes, indeed, he is having a very difficult time this year.

I say this for those of you who may know someone who is experiencing loss this year.  Don’t ignore them.  Call them.  Send them a card.  Take them a small gift.  Let them know you are thinking of them.  It really will mean SO MUCH to them.  And you will also feel better, knowing that you reached out to someone who is feeling lonely and wondering if anyone even remembers their sorrow.


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