Christmas Gifts

Here are a few Christmas gifts I got this year.

DD got me this book:

My mom bought me this mug:

All I Need is Faith and Strong Coffee Mug  -     By: Lorrie Veasey

All I Need is Faith and Strong Coffee Mug

DD bought me a couple of things from the Dr. Who show:

And a magnet with the Tardis:

(If you don’t know anything about the Dr. Who show, you won’t “get” why I thought these gifts were worth mentioning.  You have to be a “Whovian” to understand.)

I was going to buy a vase with the $ I got for my birthday, but dd wanted to buy it for me for Christmas.  It will go perfectly in the family room, on top of our small bookcase.

Taupe & Turquoise Foil Vase - Short

Here is another gift that I immediately put to use:

Valeo Set of 2 Hand Weights - 5 lbs

We opened our gifts here at home last night since I have to work Christmas Day.  Today we slept in and enjoyed the comfort of a nice warm bed since it turned bitterly cold overnight.  I’m so thankful that I didn’t have to get up early and head out to work in those temps!

I have my homemade version of Wendy’s chili in the crock pot.  This will be the perfect day for some hot chili!


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