Gifts for my daughter

I made a couple of binders for dd for Christmas this year.  One was a recipe binder.  It is much like the binder I made for myself.  It includes homemade mixes, main dishes, veggie dishes, salads, salad dressing mixes, baking mixes, desserts, cleaning recipes, and body care recipes.

Since she loves lists, I made her another binder that I call her homekeeping binder.  It has all kinds of lists such as: budgeting forms, monthly bills, important phone numbers, information for a babysitter to use, grocery list, food inventory list, gifts, addresses, medical information, car repair info, and so much more.  I did a lot of google searches, as well as checking on Pinterest to find ideas to use in putting it together.

I made one other binder, but it is empty on the inside so she can use it for whatever she wants.  I printed out some photos of Dr. Who stuff and used them on the front cover to decorate it.  Since she LOVES the Dr. Who show, this was a very fun, inexpensive, and EASY gift to put together.  She was very pleased with it.  You gotta love it when one of the gifts that makes your child’s face light up is one that cost the least amount of money!

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