Invigorating evening

English: Half a dozen home-made cookies. Ingre...

English: Half a dozen home-made cookies. Ingredients: butter, flour, white sugar, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla, soda, salt, and chocolate chips. Français : Demie-douzaine de cookies fait-maison. Ingrédients: beurre, farine, sucre en poudre, œufs, vanille, soda, sel et grain de chocolat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a long, tiring, stressful day, I came home and made a strong cup of coffee.

Next, I made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Now usually when I make cookies, I can’t leave them alone.  I can easily eat six or seven.  However, I tried two of them, and they just didn’t taste all that good to me.  Don’t get me wrong — there was nothing wrong with them.  I made them just like I always do, but I think my taste buds are burned out on holiday sweets.  DD told me the cookies were some of the best I’ve made.  I was quite pleased that they didn’t taste all that good to me because I wouldn’t be tempted to gorge on them.

Once done with the cookies, I worked out to one of my Shaun T DVDs. 

While cooling down from my workout, I had a large glass of carrot juice. 

I said, “Now THIS tastes GOOD!!!!”  It tasted so much better to me than the cookies did.  Woohoo!  I never thought I’d say that carrot juice tasted better than chocolate!

I got supper ready for the others, but I just wanted my juice, a small container of yogurt, a small piece of a Hawaiian roll, then I headed in to take a nice hot bath.

DD is bored with Christmas break so she actually started school today.  I just finished going over her school work for today.  Now we are watching Raiders of the Lost Ark for her Movies as Literature course.  Movies As Literature eBook





I’m hoping I wind down soon.  Bedtime isn’t too far away, but I’m still rather wired from the caffeine and invigorating workout I had this evening!


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