Blizzard Coming

After working a very long, hard week, I finally have a weekend off.  However, much like the rest of the country, we are preparing for a blizzard with record breaking temps.

I headed to the store to pick up a few things.  One grocery store had no carts in the entry of the store.  They were so busy that all of them were being used!  Thankfully, I managed to find one small one in the parking lot.

I headed to Walmart, where I left with only a few things on my list.  Several of the items I wanted were out of stock or they just didn’t carry.  I wasn’t too pleased with that, being that I had already waited several days before going there.  I really wanted some new workout bands for around my ankles to work my legs.  They didn’t carry them.  I also wanted to get my favorite kind of lipstick.  Since it only runs .97 per tube, it is in high demand, and therefore, out of stock.  I also wanted to get mineral oil, which I always buy at Walmart.  I use it to make my homemade facial cleanser.  None was to be found.  Thankfully, I stopped by Dollar General and found some.

Now I’m safely home where I get to enjoy an evening to myself since dh and dd are visiting his mom and grandma before the big storm arrives.  Dh is cleaning up the snow that has already fallen this week before the next 10 inches arrives.


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