Day at home

Loved watching my Colts come back in the 2nd half yesterday and pull off the win!!!

The extreme winter storm is upon us.  It didn’t start snowing here until between 7 and 8 a.m.  We currently have about 6 inches on the ground now, with about that much more still to come, IF the forecasts are correct.

Church was cancelled for today, so I got to enjoy some extra sleep this morning. That was really nice, especially the extra cuddle time with hubby!   hug and kiss emoticon

Did my Booty-Sculpt workout this morning. 

After doing one of my T25 workouts yesterday, I needed something a little less intense.  


Yesterday’s T25 workout called for weights, so I used my new 5# weights.  The muscles in my chest (the ones just above my b**bs), are SO SORE today!  The workout which really worked that area was to lie on the floor with arms stretched out to the side, then slowly lift the weights, keeping your back pushed to the floor.  Though I am very sore, it is a GOOD kind of sore.

I have to say — those T25 workouts leave me dripping with sweat!  Royalty Free RF Clipart Illustration Of A Sweaty Woman Over Yellow #230170 by BNP Design Studio

I have chili soup cooking in the crock pot now.   

Now I’m off to clean up the kitchen and put the rest of the laundry away.


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