From 17 to 27

I love insight this young woman has! Such wisdom! Read, enjoy, and be challenged……

All Things Bright and Beautiful

I’ve started mentoring a teen.  She’s 10 years younger, and there is just so much of life yet  to be known ahead of her.  There is so much of me in her when I was 17, and our striking similarities are enough to give me goose bumps! 

She goes to the same little private school I went to, and has had many of the same experiences and struggles in life (even at the young age of 17) that I did… it is just so insanely awesome that God has brought her into my life. 

To look into someone’s eyes and see their realization of our similarities, and for them to know they’re going to be ok – based on you – is inspiring.

From 17 to 27, these are some lessons I would tell any teen or young adult, things we all need in life:

Never gossip… it isn’t good or…

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