Snow Day

I got up early this morning to see if I would be able to make it to work after getting over 12″ of snow, followed with strong winds all night.  Nope!  Neither of our streets had been plowed, nor had the alley.  With no 4-wheel drive, there was no way to venture out.

Dh headed out shortly after 5AM to try to do some shoveling in the bitter -35 degree temps (with wind chill).  He could only shovel for 15 minutes at a time before coming back in the house.  He had only made it from the back door to the end of the garage.   There is still the car to dig out, the driveway to shovel, and the alley to clear.  (We are the 2nd house in from the side road.)  It’s going to be very hard to dig out from all of this snow.

Currently, I’m sitting on the couch using dd’s laptop, while listening to dh .


DD found the following picture and sent it to me.  Pretty funny!


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