Productive Day

In between working 12 hour shifts, I had today off.  I managed to get quite a bit accomplished:

  • slept in ’til 8:00 (I’m normally up at 4:45.)
  • did my Shaun T Extreme Cardio workout
  • made facial cleanser
  • made body sugar scrub
  • took a long, hot shower
  • did a load of laundry
  • got the ironing finished
  • got my clothes figured out for the next four days
  • took freezer inventory
  • made 2 batches of brownies from my homemade mix
  • visited with a neighbor whose hubby died on Monday
  • helped dd with her home school stuff
  • made supper
  • figured out meals for the weekend (I’m working the weekend)
  • got on pinterest for a while
  • cleaned out the fridge with dd’s help
  • washed dishes at least five times today

Still need to do:

  • Bible study
  • hem a pair of pants — that may wait until next week on my day off since it is supposed to -15 degrees that day.  (That is -26 Celsius for my friends who don’t use Fahrenheit.)  IOW — VERY, VERY cold!!!!

3 thoughts on “Productive Day

  1. One thing that helps me get a lot done is that I want to work out in the morning, but need to get loosened up first. So I’m off to accomplish a few tasks that will loosen me up. After my work out, I need to cool down before I take my shower, so once again, I work on tasks that don’t require a whole lot of physical activity. Like yesterday — I washed the dishes and made my cleanser while cooling down. If you stay focused, it is amazling what you can accomplish in only 15-20 minutes!

    Before starting school stuff with my dd, I got the brownies in the oven so they could bake while we worked through one of her subjects.

    If you could hear the talk going on inside my head, you’d probably laugh at me! It’s all part of being a multi-tasker. My brain is constantly thinking of ways to get as much accomplished as quickly and easily as possible. When I work weekends, and things are slower, I will bring things from home to do — like menu planning, making a grocery list, balancing our checkbooks, home school planning, etc. That way, when I am home, I have more freedom to be present in body AND spirit.

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