Monthly Menu Planning

Here is how I do my monthly menu planning.  (It will help if you have a deep freezer, but you can still do it without that luxury.)

1. I watch the meat sales.  When I find something on sale that we use frequently, I stock up and put it in my deep freezer.
2. Once I get my monthly work schedule, I write my shifts on a calendar for that month.
3. Next, I will take an inventory of the meat I have in the freezer.  I use stroke tallies (omitting the diagonal one when I reach five).  The reason for this is that as I start plugging in meals on my calendar, I use a diagonal stroke to mark off each meat so that I know what I have left for my menu planning.
Here is an example of my inventory sheet:
4. I get my recipe books together, my calendar, a blank sheet for my grocery list, and a cup of coffee. I head to my favorite spot in the family room and get busy planning.
5. As I write in a meal for each day, I check the recipe books to see what ingredients I still need from the store.  I write that on my grocery list.
Here is a photo of my menu plan, once finished:
It doesn’t take too long to do this, and it GREATLY reduces my stress level for the month because:
  • I don’t have to think about what I’m going to make.
  • Once I do my monthly grocery shopping, I have most of the ingredients for the month (minus things like milk, bread, produce, that I have to buy frequently.)
  • I save time, money, and energy because I’m not running to the store several times a week.
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2 thoughts on “Monthly Menu Planning

  1. Well done. I do mine very similar to you how I’m not as organised as you and don’t have the recipes next to me to write the shopping list as I go that’s a great idea

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