Connections to Famous People

My Uncle Chet used to play college basketball with actor Chuck Connors. (If you remember him, you are showing your age!)
Several years ago, dd was doing a scrapbook with postcards from every state. One postcard she got was from Governor Mike Huckabee.
Famous people I’ve seen in person:
• Lisa Whelchel came to speak at our local high school several years ago.
• Ronnie Milsap
• Loverboy
• Ricky Skaggs
• Carl Perkins (from Blue Suede Shoes fame)
• Fats Domino

I’ve seen several others, but all I can picture is their face! I can’t remember the names!

I saw Ronald Reagan in person when he was campaigning in our city.

DD and I went to see Obama when he was campaigning.

I saw NBA star Eric Montross play ball when he was in high school. His school and our local high school were playing at the state finals. Of course, his team won.

Pocahontas is a great-grandma (several generations back, of course!), to my uncle (he is my uncle by marriage, thus Pocahontas is not in my genealogy.

I have a cousin who married a cousin to Elizabeth Smart, whom you may remember as the girl who was kidnapped from her home in Utah a few years ago. (This cousin is a son to the uncle mentioned above.)

Country music star (from several years ago), Sylvia, is from my city and I met her while working as a cashier in Target.

One of my friends has a cousin who does tattoos. He has done several very popular bands, including Metallica. He is one of the top 10 tattoo artists in Europe. Anyway, I met him a couple of years ago.

I went to high school with American Idol David Cook’s mother. She graduated with one of my brothers. When I work out at the Y, his uncle is often working out at the same time.

I know a lady who went to high school with David Letterman. After hearing something he did to her in high school, due to her being “well-endowed,” I have no respect for him. (Not that I had much respect for him to begin with.)

Ryan White, who died of AIDS many years ago, used to come in the bank where I worked as a teller. He was a very sweet kid. After Ryan died, I discovered that our birthdays were on the same day (though not the same year).

When I worked at the phone company several years ago, I talked to a couple of the Colts’ football players. One of them was Tony Siragusa. I don’t remember the name of the other one. I also talked to Chuck Lofton’s son. One day I talked to Anne Marie Tiernon, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person earlier this year when I was Indy. (Only those who live in Indiana will recognize those last two names.)

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