A good laugh


After having my brother die unexpectedly less than four weeks ago, a good laugh can sure make our grieving hearts feel better for a while.  We were blessed with that good laugh last night while visiting my parents.

DD, who is now 17, told us about something that happened when she was around five or six years old.  She told us that some neighbor kids came over to play.  They had some candy cigarettes and asked if she wanted to “smoke” some with them.  Her response was, “I don’t think I’m allowed to.”

Politically-incorrect candy

Politically-incorrect candy (Photo credit: zombieite)














Something about that response got my mom and I laughing so hard that we nearly cried.  After laughing for quite some time, dd said, “It’s not that funny.”  To which, my mom replied, “Yes, it is!”  I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt, but it sure felt good.  And of course, we had to add, “Oh, Matt would have loved this one!”  Yes, he would have.  He had a great sense of humor and would have loved to hear this one.

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