Interesting Tidbits

The devotions I write are being translated into Polish (I am half Polish), Hindi, and Indonesian languages.
The first time I submitted something to try and get a professional writing assignment, I got the job! It’s not much money, but I am thankful for it.
My best friend from my childhood gave birth to her firstborn just 35 minutes after I gave birth to my firstborn. One of my online friends in England was giving birth by c-section to her daughter at the exact time I was having my own c-section. They were both emergency c-sections. The lives’ of all four of us (moms and babies) were in danger. I also share the same wedding anniversary with my English friend.

I met our current governor on two different occasions. One was local, the other was at Homeschool Day at the State Capital. When he was here locally, I also met the attorney general for our state. DD had her picture taken with all three of the local news anchors.

When I worked at the hospital while pregnant with my daughter, my boss was a man who used to be a priest. He married a woman who used to be a nun.

We know a hs family who lives in the house where dh’s maternal grandma grew up. We also know a hs family who lives in a house where dh’s paternal grandparents lived many years ago. Isn’t that an odd coincidence?


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