More tidbits

Country signer Dusty Dawn is from my town.

I have personally met gospel singer Karen Wheaton.
Many years ago, my Mormon cousins had a chance to host the Osmond family in their home. They were unable to do it due to a prior commitment. (If my memory serves me correctly, I think that was the same weekend that my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.)
My paternal grandma lived next door to a man who was distantly related to basketball legend Larry Bird. We could see the family resemblance in their chins.
The same grandma mentioned above also knew Perry Como.

My paternal great-grandpa worked for a railroad company. One day, he decided to duck down and walk under a train. It started moving, and decapitated him.

I personally know a gal who was on the Dr. Phil show. She works at our local Walmart, but I knew her when she used to attend my church.

One of my cousins posed for Playb*y magazine many years ago when they came to our city. This is the same cousin who taught me about the “birds and the bees” when I was in third grade.

Do you remember the Columbine shootings? I personally met Rachel Scott’s father (Darrell). I also met her grandparents, who live just an hour north of us.


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