Attention: Newly Licensed Driver on the road!!!

After taking her driver’s ed course in March 2013, dd finally got her license TODAY!  Besides having to get in the required 50 hours of driving (40 daytime/10 nighttime), we had a record-breaking snowfall this winter, so that delayed her getting her license even longer.  And then there was the issue of huge chuckholes, which delayed it even longer.

Of all things, she put into use what she learned in her sociology course this year.   She studied the different personalities.  She hoped/prayed for the person who graded her driving to be an extrovert of the sanguine kind.  LOL!  Her reasoning was twofold:

1. If the person was an extrovert, they wouldn’t be so uptight, which would help her be more relaxed while taking the driving test.

2. Extroverts (particularly of the sanguine kind), tend to want to have fun, and thus, are more lenient about rules.

I think this is particularly special and shows what a very special teenager we have:  After we got home, dd wanted to go out by herself in the car.  Where did she want to go?  To see my parents.  How many teens would want their very first trip out after getting their license to be go see their grandparents?  Yep — she is a special young lady!

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