Interesting Family Tidbits

My dh’s neice was the flower girl in our wedding. Many years later, she married her own dh on our anniversary.

When I met dh, I was working at a bank. So was my mil. I was also involved in a singing ministry at the time. So was my mil. In fact, we both sang at the wedding! (My song was prerecorded though.)

Dh has three brothers and no sisters. I also have three brothers and no sisters.
I have two cousins named David. Both by the same father, though they have different mothers.

My mother had 2 boys, a girl, and then another boy.  So did two of my aunts.  One of those aunts went on to have a fifth child —  a girl.  We’ve always said if my parents would have done it again, I would have a sister.

Twins were born in my maternal grandpa’s family.  We thought that my generation would end up getting at least one set of twins.  The odd thing is that my cousin, who was adopted, ended up having twin girls!


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