A “sticky” situation

We are currently being invaded by the tiny ants.  I have a home remedy set up to take care of it, but it usually takes a couple of days.

Anyway, I was heading to the bathroom for a much-needed bath after my Turbo Jam workout.  I assigned my prissy 17 year old daughter the task of dicing the chicken breast that I cooked after I got home from work.

I’m in the bathroom, taking off my make-up when I hear, “MOM!  ANT!  Heading toward the chicken!!!”  Interpretation:  “Mom, you better get out here fast because I’m not touching that ant!”  So I ran out and took care of the ant.

Back to the bathroom to start running my bath water.  I hear, “MOM!  Another ant….Ok, never mind, I got it.”  Being how she HATES bugs and refuses to touch them, I had to walk out and see how she got rid of it.  She proudly replied, “I used the sticky note that was on the counter!”  LOL!  Now we have a new use for sticky notes!

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