Invasion of the ants……

I have been trying a home remedy for ants where you combine sugar, borax, and water.  While it was attracting the ants, and killing the ones who got into it, it wasn’t getting rid of all them.

Honestly, I was getting rather tired of walking into my kitchen and finding ants crawling on my counter.  I decided to search pinterest for other options.  I found one that is INCREDIBLE!!!  And it is oh-so-simple!!!   Here it is:

I took cornmeal and poured it along two sides of the house.  (The ants will eat it, swell up and die.)  Anyway, after less than 30 minutes, I noticed that all of the remaining ants in the kitchen had disappeared!!!!  I think the ants on the outside must have communicated with the ones inside and let them know to come outside again.  It will be interesting to see what the counter looks like tomorrow morning.

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