Interesting Tidbits

Author Norman Bridwell, who wrote Clifford the Big Red Dog, was born in my hometown.
Rupert (of “Survivor” fame), is originally from my city. He now lives one hour south of us. I have seen him twice in person. (Once locally and once at the State Fair.)

I was struck by lightning several years ago. It really is true that you shouldn’t talk on the phone during an electrical storm. I wrote a devotion about that experience. (Tab down toward the bottom of this page to find it.)

I have experienced two earthquakes in my lifetime. One was when dh and I were engaged. The other was just last year.

I flew over the Mississippi River when it was flooded back in 1993. It was amazing to see from that angle – an unbelievable sight.

I was hit by a car when I was in high school, and I landed on my head. (That explains a lot, doesn’t it?) . It happened on the busiest street in town, near the park that is uptown (for those of you who are local).

I was a page at the state senate two or three times. One year I had my picture taken with the Lt. Governor. I believe it was Robert D. Orr at that time. Another time, as my dad was driving home, the blizzard of 1978 was starting to hit this area. The ride home from Indy was quite rough, and of all things, my dad had broken ribs. So every time he hit a bump, I heard *&%*(#@! By the next morning, we couldn’t get out our back door. We were snowed in for several days, with the snow drifted over six feet high in several places in front of our house.


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