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Comfort food, pjs, and refreshing my spirit

So it’s been a very windy, cold, rainy, blustery day.  I’m so glad that I could actually stay home today.  I slept in until almost 9:00.  (My normal time to get up is 4:45.)  I worked out for a bit this morning, mainly because my back was hurting, and I knew working out would ease the discomfort I was feeling.

I also cooked a bag of chicken breast tenders, then diced them to freeze for later use.

After dd headed out for work, I took a hot bath, watched a show online, then took a nap.  When I got up, I made some comfort food:

and this for supper:


To refresh my spirit today, I watched this:

and this: 

David Jeremiah

Both were excellent!!!  The first one was very convicting, but so needed.  The second one really helped me to better understand that particular chapter in Revelation, as well as what we are seeing transpiring in our world right now.




Dangers of Playing the Ouija Board

When I was a young teen, I was playing the Ouija Board with a friend who was spending the night. At that time, I didn’t know the Lord, so I didn’t know that we really shouldn’t be playing with this dangerous object. However, looking back on that night, I believe the Lord used it to show me a spiritual truth that is worth discussing.

That night, I kept asking the Ouija board if I had a guardian angel. First, it simply denied it. I kept pushing the issue, asking who my guardian angel was. I noticed that it seemed to take on a mind of its own, and appeared to be getting very upset by my question. It finally said I had a “child keeper.” Of all things, the name it gave me was a Polish name (I am 1/2 Polish), and when I visited the cemetery several months later, there was that name! It was rather creepy, to say the least.

However, after becoming a Christian, I learned that everything God does, Satan tries to imitate. So why would it be any different when it comes to God giving us guardian angels? Why wouldn’t Satan want to mimic that since he mimics all that our Father does? I believe that my “child keeper” is nothing more than a demon who is specifically assigned to me with a mission to destroy me and keep me out of God’s will. That put a whole new twist on spiritual warfare for me.

Just a side note here: That same night, I noticed that Ouija Boards are manufactured in Salem, Massachusetts. Once I saw that, I never played it again.

A few years later, once I was saved, I realized the dangers of even having a Ouija Board in the house. I decided that I needed to get rid of it, but since I was the only one in the home who was saved, I wanted to wait until a time when everyone else was gone. I searched the closet in my brothers’ room where we kept all of the games. It wasn’t there. I assumed that Mom must have put it in the attic. I checked there, but still couldn’t find it. Yet, I knew it was still in the house somewhere. I decided to pray about it. The next time I was home alone, I climbed in the attic again. At the very top of the stairs sat that Ouija Board! Even if Mom had been in the attic, she wouldn’t have been messing with that Board, nor would she have put it in that location. I knew the Lord had placed that Ouija Board there for me so that I could rid of it!

Here is another interesting story involving a Ouija Board:
My friend (Teresa) was at a party when she was a teen. The kids decided to get out the Ouija Board. Since Teresa was a Christian who knew about the evils behind this “toy,” she began to do spiritual warfare and bind the spirits from speaking through the Ouija Board. The kids began to get very frustrated that they were unable to get any answers from the Board. When they asked, “Why won’t you answer any of our questions,” the Ouija Board spelled out, “T-E-R-E-S-A.” What a powerful demonstration of the power of spiritual warfare, even for young teens! Believe me — it is an experience which Teresa will NEVER forget! (Me either!)


Taking a walk

I woke up this morning at 3:20 and couldn’t get back to sleep.  In spite of that, when I got home from work, dd and I headed out for a walk.  There’s nothing like hearing the leaves underneath your feet…..

Even though I was still tired, it did revive me and energize me to get motivated to make supper for tonight and get things partially started for tomorrow night’s supper.

Hubby, Super Heroes, and More

After church, I stopped by the car wash because the car was looking rather dirty.  Later this afternoon, hubby comes in to get my keys.  The neighbor was out on his riding mower, stirring up lots of dirt/dust.  Hubby didn’t want my clean car to get all dirty.  Aww…now that’s love!  It’s those little things that mean the most!

So dd’s youth group is doing Super Heroes night.


I wrote a note for her youth pastor’s wife letting her know that she just needed to dress like herself.  She is already a Super Hero because she is a pastor’s wife, the mother of two very energetic little boys, and the leader of a small group.  (Love you, Addy!)


And as for why I am still often MIA where this blog is concerned, here is an image of how I feel most days:

This photo reflects how I am when I feel my normal self: 

So feeling so depressed for such a long spell is very, very hard on me.  Honestly, it is exhausting.  Here are some steps I’m taking to try to “get my head in a better place.”

  • Got out Saturday in the warmer, sunny weather and cleaned all of my windows.  And yes, it did help immensely.  I was my normal self the rest of the day.
  • Refreshing myself in the Lord — I’ve been watching David Jeremiah’s series on Revelation.  I’ve listened to some of the recent messages by Watchman’s Cry, but have to limit my exposure to some of the end-time stuff because it can weigh me down.
  • Taking time to play worship music online while I’m home and allowing myself the awesome pleasure of worshiping my loving Savior.  (I have worship music playing all day in my office.)
  • Limiting how much news I expose myself to since I have seen what the constant negative exposure has done to me emotionally.
  • Limit how much I try to accomplish on my days off so that I make sure I am taking extra time on those days to refresh myself.
  • Being honest with myself, my hubby, and my Lord about how I really feel.
  • Realizing that I need to daily put on the armor of God because I’m not the only Christian I know who is going through a struggle like this right now.  The enemy knows his time is short, so he is trying his best to discourage God’s children so we become ineffective in our witness.

Very powerful clip!

This is pretty awesome, and it only takes a second!

A Hong Kong movie theater asks its patrons to leave their cell phones ON when they enter the movie.
Using that, Volkswagen made an eye opening ad…
More than 1.5 million views in 3 days!