Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 51st birthday.  I was so tired after doing so much shopping yesterday that I completely forgot today what day it was until hubby wished me a happy birthday!

Mom and I went shopping yesterday morning.  Shortly before dd got off work from TJ Maxx, we went there to meet her.  She had some shopping to do, then we headed out for lunch.  After that, we headed to the mall and to Hobby Lobby.

It was nice to meet one of the managers from dd’s work.  He approached my mom and I and said, “I don’t know what your relationship is to R, but she is a great worker, has a great attitude, and we are glad to have her here.  You did a great job in raising her!”  LOVED hearing that!!! (What parent wouldn’t love hearing such a wonderful affirmation??)  I told him that we frequently hear from her how good the managers are at taking care of the staff.  They frequently have food delivered for the staff.  One day when they asked dd to work 8 hours instead of her scheduled 4 hours, they gave her a gift card to McDonald’s, along with something else the employees get for going above and beyond.  He said they try to make it a fun place to work, and they try to treat their employees like family.

I plan to enjoy a leisurely day at home since dd is off work today and fighting a bad cold.  We both want to just hang out at home today.  I have some things I want to get done here at home, like making more facial cleanser and wrapping some gifts.

Oh….and to make my birthday even better…..I’m on vacation!!!  I’ve been on vacation since Wednesday, and don’t go back until next weekend.


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