While I’ve been on vacation, I’ve been tackling some decluttering projects.  Last night I did the hall pantry closet which looks AWESOME!!!!  (Until I do monthly grocery shopping next month!)

This morning I did two cabinets in the kitchen, the silverware drawer, and the entryway closet.  The entryway closet also looks AWESOME!!!  I had LOTS of notebooks in there.  Some were partially used.  I got rid of ALL of them.  I only kept the ones that were NEW.  Dh said I have a notebook hoarding problem.  Actually I bought them when they were on sale at the start of the school year several years back.  I was thinking dd would need LOTS of them for high school, and she didn’t end up using as many as I thought she would.  I pulled some out to give to nieces/nephews at our Christmas get together.

The older I get, the more I realize that LESS is MORE.  More freedom, more peace of mind, more space…..This quote sums it up quite well:



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