Prophetic dream????

First, please understand that I do NOT consider myself a prophet.  However, I do believe the Lord can speak prophetic things to His children.  I believe this happened to me a few nights ago.

I had a dream which I believe was prophetic.  I was at the house where I grew up.  It was raining, and we were trying to pump the water out from under the house.  However, it didn’t matter how hard we tried — the water just kept coming.  We were fighting a losing battle.

While I was in that twilight state of sleep (half-awake and half-asleep), I heard that small, gentle voice speak to me that we (Christians) are getting ready to be flooded with an intense time of trials.  It will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in our lifetime.  Grab hold of the Lord and hold tightly to Him or we will “drown” in the trial.


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