A spiritual gift

I was listening to Kari Jobe on youtube this evening while trying to conquer my to-do list before hubby and dd got home from work.  She was talking about how they skipped the normal gift-giving one particular Christmas.  Instead, what they did was give a gift that had a strong spiritual meaning to them.  I paused and thought, “Hmm….what would I choose to do for a gift like this?”  It didn’t take long before the answer came to me.

My gift would be two-fold.  First, I would give an instrumental flute CD with Christian music on it.

Secondly, I would include some anointing oil.

Now why those two items?  It is because I tend to be easily stressed and I have a hard time quieting my mind before the Lord.  There was a lady named Dawn Johnston who attended our last church.   She would play the flute during the offering.  I told her it was like the Lord was pouring warm oil over my head.

It really ministered to me.  My mind would settle down, and for a few minutes, I would have peace from the constant “voices” in my head reciting my mental to-do list over and over.  It was such sweet, sweet peace.

Thank you, Dawn, for the precious gift you gave me when you played your flute.  You will never know this side of heaven how much it meant to me.  Thank you for sharing your gift with others.  May the Lord richly bless you for being His hands extended through your music.


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