Just call me Scrooge!

So I had to work today.  Once I got home, there was a message on the phone that dh and dd had just headed out to the ER since dd has had a really bad cough that doesn’t seem to be getting any better.  (I tried to get them to come out there while I was still working so I could just leave my dept. and meet them in the ER after my shift.)  Turns out dd has an acute URI (upper respiratory infection).  I thought for sure it was going to be bronchitis.

The only thing I really wanted for Christmas this year after losing my brother was to spend time with family.  The large, extended-family-gathering (aunts, uncles, cousins, and their kids/grandkids), was today after I got off work.  After that, we were planning to meet at Mom and Dad’s for an intimate gathering with just my two siblings and our families.

My younger brother is also sick and skipping the festivities.  I feel really bad for my parents because this is their first Christmas after losing my brother.  I knew it was important to them for all of us to be together.  However, with dd being sick (and likely contagious), we opted to stay home from the festivities.  So this Christmas was a bust for us.  What a bummer!

Once I got home from work and realized they were gone, I tore into the house and took down all of the Christmas decorations.  Everything was down and put away in less than an hour.  And that, my friend, is why I give you permission to call me Scrooge!


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