Coffee, happiness, and being thrifty

So does the title of this post have you thinking like this:

Keep reading.  It will all make sense.

Whenever I visit the coffee shop at work, I can use my badge and have the charges deducted from my paycheck.  At the end of the year, I always look to see the final total I’ve spent at the coffee shop, as well as at the cafeteria.  When I saw nearly $55 was spent on coffee alone, I started to choke.  Then I thought of it in different terms.  $55 seemed like a lot, until I divided that by 52 weeks.  That is just over $1 a week.  So $1 spent a week on some really good coffee that helps me find my “happy place” is money well spent.  And it really does help me find that happy place because it has more caffeine in it than what I drink at home, so it often gives me a much-needed boost in the middle of the afternoon.  I guess my thinking is that if something as simple as a good cup of coffee can help keep me in a very happy mood, that is PRICELESS.
As for the cafeteria, I only spent $7.44 for the entire year.  I usually bring my own lunch because it is so much cheaper.  Whenever I bring my lunch, I consider a “pay raise” to me just because I’m not spending at least twice that much for food from the cafeteria.

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