Random funnies

A coworker told me her husband set up an account online.  It had him pick a security question, but he never told her what the question was, nor the answer.  One day she needed to get online and go to that particular site.  Imagine her surprise when the security question popped up with this:  “Who is the greatest husband in the world?”  She said, “Now I have to actually answer that question with his name!!!”

Last weekend my dad wanted to watch the fights on pay-per-view.  He was having trouble getting it ordered, so he called the cable company.  They told him to punch in some numbers and press the pound key.  He asked my mom, “Where’s the pound key?”  When Mom pointed it out to him, he said, “That’s the hashtag!”  Umm…..Dad, it was a pound key WAY before it was ever a hashtag!!  So I could actually call that story:  #dad you’re funny!

So here’s a funny from my dad’s mom.  She came over to visit right after we got our first TV with a remote control.  She was trying to figure out how to use it.  She said, “How do you do channel 13?  Do you push 6 and 7?”  I’ve always wondered what she would have done if I had responded, “No, you push 5 and 8.”

This same grandma was very impressed by wealthy people.  One time she was telling us about a couple who was quite wealthy.  She said, “They own two condoms.”  Umm…Grandma, I think you meant to say “condos.”

Many years ago, my granny glanced at the TV while Grandpa was watching a football game.  She saw the referee drop the flag.  She said, “Whoops!  He dropped his hanky.”

Last weekend, I made green bean casserole for supper since it’s one my hubby’s favorites.  When he saw it, he said, “Did you make that for me because I’m such an awesome husband!?”  I responded, “No, I made it for you because I’m such an awesome wife!!!”  The look on his face made me…



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