Not feeling motivated……

It’s been so cold here this week, and even without the wind chill this morning, it was still below zero.

Since it’s my weekend off, I was thankful to be able to sleep in, all cozy and snug in my bed.  I felt completely unmotivated to do anything today, but knew I had a lot of things that I wanted/needed to get done.

After a second cup of coffee and a hot shower, here’s what I managed to tackle:

  • Two loads of laundry washed, dried, ironed, and put away,
  • Washed dishes and put them away,
  • Got my clothes picked out for work next week,
  • Returned something to Hobby Lobby and did a bit of shopping while there.
  • Went to Big Lots,
  • Went to Walmart,
  • Went to Books A Million,
  • Then off to TJ Maxx.
  • Headed home to put all of the shopping items away,
  • Made catfish and hush puppies for supper,
  • Made my homemade version of bisquik, which takes 9 c. of flour, so it was no easy undertaking to mix and mash everything really well,
  • Got the crock pot out, cut the meat for tomorrow’s lunch, and got out the other ingredients I will need for it,
  • Washed the dishes again,
  • Sent a happy birthday email to my oldest brother.

Though inside I feel like this from all of my accomplishments:

My body actually feels like this:




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