I have today and tomorrow off work, so I’m working on more decluttering, trying to make order out of chaos.

The older I get, the more I realize this truth:

My body is older, so it gets tired more easily.  The world in which we live is utter chaos and life is just downright stressful.  So my mission is to make my home a peaceful sanctuary.  Part of doing that is spiritual (getting into the Word, getting the Word into me, praying, and listening to the Lord).  Part of it is physical — making my home look better.  Having an organized house can help to lessen the emotional stress I feel because things are in order.  I can find things more easily.  I don’t have as much to clean and care for, and when I open a closet or a drawer, it looks nice, not cluttered.

I’ve been reading Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be by Donna Partow.

I’m only reading the parts that really pertain to this stage of my life.  A couple of things resounded with me yesterday.  One was regarding clothes, which I love.  (The owner of the resale shop I frequently visit can attest to that fact.)  Anyway, Donna says we should have a core color, and make our wardrobe from that core.  My color would be black.  Love, love, love that color!

As I was pulling things from my closet to get ready to send off to the resale shop, I was mindful of a few things:

  • Does it fit?
  • Does the color look good on me?
  • Do I absolutely love it?

If the answer was no, it’s not going back into my closet.

Next, I thought about my holiday clothing that I forgot to take to the resale the last time we were there.  It’s taking up quite a bit of space in a cedar chest.  It doesn’t fit me any longer.  However, we can only make 2 appointments a year to take things in to the resale shop we use, and the 2nd one is in June.  This  means I must keep that holiday stuff in my cedar chest until the fall of 2016.  Not gonna happen!  It’s going to Goodwill.  I thought about the space it was using up and how much I thought I’d get in $ if I held on to it for the resale shop.  Is it worth the $?  Nope.  I’m getting it out of here.

Another thing Donna mentioned is going through hair care items and make-up.  That is now on my to-do list.  I don’t think I’ll have anything in the hair care line to get rid of since I’m pretty loyal to the products I currently use.  However, as for the make-up, I have way too much.  Time to clean it out.

I also plan to go through my CDs and figure out what ones I really want to keep.  My tastes have changed a lot throughout the years.  The older I get, the more I just want something soothing to my spirit — something that nourishes and refreshes my soul.  So why take up valuable space with music I no longer enjoy?


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