Surrending our rights to an all powerful sovereign

I know I have posted some heavy stuff here on this blog recently.  If you are the type who wants to deny that something horrible is coming, I want to remind you of what Obama said:

Now, think about all I have posted, along with what Obama said.  Think about what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah and what transpired in our nation last week with the passing of gay marriage.  Do you still think we are safe?  Do you really believe nothing will bad will happen to us?

I firmly believe our nation is under the judgment of God.  While I would like to pray that nothing bad comes to our nation, I honestly can’t do that now.  What I can do is pray for the Lord to protect His remnant while judgment comes to our nation.  I can pray that those who don’t know Him will open their eyes and repent of their sins.  But praying that bad doesn’t come…..I just can’t do that.  America deserves His judgment for thumbing their noses at Him.

As we face July 4th, I won’t be celebrating.  I will be mourning the death of a nation who was once a great and godly nation.

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