The 9th of Av — Saturday, July 25

The day SCOTUS gave their ruling on gay marriage is the same day in history when Nebuchadnezzar breached the walls in Jerusalem.

Our nation was founded upon many of the same principles in Israel’s history.  So if God brought judgment to the nation of Israel, we can expect He will do the same to us when we have failed to obey His precepts.  This Saturday, July 25, is the 9th of Av on the Jewish calendar.  Let’s take a look at that date in Israel’s history:

9th of Av – the 5th month of the Biblical calendar. 

Regarded as the most tragic month in the Jewish calendar:

  • 587 BC Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the temple
  • 70 AD Rome destroyed the temple
  • 1290 AD Jews expelled from England
  • 1492 AD Spanish inquisition
  • WWI started on that day
  • Hitler’s proclamation to kill the Jews was given on that day
  • 2005 Jews evacuated the Gaza Strip

Now I’m not saying I have received a word from the Lord that something huge will happen on this date.  I’m simply pointing to history and saying I believe something huge could happen on this date.   Saints, we need to be praying!!!!

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