Stock Market Closing Today: 15,666.44

Could this number be telling us something?
The first number 15 represents 2015 our present year.
The number 666 represents the number of the Beast. Antichrist
The number 44 represents our President Obama who is the 44th President.
Now hear this when Obama was elected President in 2008 the Chicago Lottery winner was the number 666.
Now what is the Lord trying to tell his Church the true believers?
The time is NOW and what are the odds of this new number with the Stock Market finishing as it did.

The stock market dropped by 777 in 2008.  Here is a video from PPSimmons: ma – The Lottery and 666 What are the CHANCES?

Not only did the pick 3 come up 666 on the day after Obama became president, but the pick 4 came up 7779 (“God’s perfect completion” and “judgment”).


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