The Prosperity Gospel

We have been listening to James Merritt.  He decided to find out what bible verses are googled the most.  Then he decided to preach on the top 4 verses.  Last week was #4.  Joshua 1:9.
To have success, we must:
1. Experience God’s Presence.
2. Obey God’s Principles
Digest the word so God’s word is on the tip of your tongue.  (Josh 1:8)
He said he believes in the prosperity gospel, and that comes from Joshua 1:8 = OBEDIENCE
(Obviously NOT what most people are wanting to hear.)
3. Fulfilling the Purposes of God.

It was a really good message, full of truth.  It wasn’t the typical success and prosperity message you get from so many of the preachers on TV today.

If you would like to hear more of this series, visit Touching Lives.


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