Drinking the Wine of Babylon

A friend emailed this link to me. She was listening to the guy and said he had a really interesting insight. The church isn’t really asleep. Rather she is drunk on the wine of Babylon. Have you ever tried to wake a drunk or reason with a drunk? It doesn’t work well. I thought this insight nailed it on the head!

Also, as I look at our nation and the idiotic things that are coming from Washington, like wanting to take in Syrian refugees, it sounds like the leaders are drunk on the wine of Babylon and that is why they are so willing to make such stupid decisions. Drunks make bad decisions — they drive drunk and kill innocent people. The drunkards in Washington want to let Syrian refugees come here, some of which we know will have evil intent — they will end up killing innocent people just like a drunk driver.


One thought on “Drinking the Wine of Babylon

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