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10 Disturbing Facts About Justice Scalia’s Death

This article is very enlightening.

Ten Disturbing Facts About Justice Scalia’s Death

Here’s another very good article.

Judgment Falls On America with the Death of Justice Scalia


Crock Pot — Helpful Tip

As I was browsing through my crock pot recipe book this morning, I discovered a very helpful tip.

Put all ingredients together the night before you need them, and put them in the refrigerator.  The next morning, you can just throw them all in the pot very quickly.

How easy is that?  And I never thought of doing it that way before!

Donald Trump and the Future of America

This is a 2-part message that is worth the time of listening.  You could actually forward on part one to the 45 minute mark.  That is where he actually picks up on the topic.  I learned so much, and it helped me to understand why I have so many “checks” in my spirit regarding Trump.  There are MANY similarities between Trump and Hitler.  THAT ALONE should cause any of us to re-think supporting Trump.  He is NOT the golden calf / savior that many are making him out to be.

Donald Trump & the Future of America – Nathan Leal’s News from the Wall


Is War Just Days Away?

Limited Nuclear War Within 18 days as Saudis (and Friends) mass 350,000 troops, 20,000 Tanks, 2,450 Planes, 460 Helicopters for Syria Invasion

Russia Prime Minister Warns US and Arab Countries: Invading Syria “will start a new world war”

The United States welcomes a Saudi offer to deploy special forces to support a coalition ground operation against the Islamic State group [IS] inside Syria, the kingdom’s foreign minister said on Monday.

US welcomes Saudi offer to deploy troops in Syria

FLASH: Russian Government Issues URGENT Message — Russian Citizens URGED to Leave Turkey Within 24 Hours

FIGHTING HAS BEGUN !!!! Turkey Shelling into Syria; Directly Attacking Syrian Arab Army and perimeter of Russian Base in Latakia