Our family

I have been married for 25 years.  We have one baby in heaven (miscarried at eight weeks) and we have a daughter who is currently in her senior year of home school.  I was blessed to be a SAHM mom for 13 years.  After that, the economic crunch hit my husband’s business quite hard.  It was at that point I knew I needed to enter the workforce again.  I work in the health care industry and am blessed to be able to do a job that I love.  It certainly makes it a lot easier to be away from home, knowing that I really do enjoy my job.  However, my heart will always be at home.

Just so you know a bit more about us — we started out like a lot of young, married couples.  Two car payments, living in a rental home, and were soon in debt for nice furniture for our living room.  I remember when going to McDonald’s for a coke was splurging.  Once we got free of that debt, we determined that we would never strap ourselves again like that.

Moving forward to the economic crunch.  We have lived in our current home for over 20 years.  Though it’s not paid off, we are close to having it paid off.  No car payments.  I drive a 1999 Pontiac.  Hubby drives a truck that is about the same age.   If we had been strapped financially, with 2 car payments and other consumer debt when the crunch hit, we would be in a serious mess right now.  Though we still have to be careful with our money, at least we aren’t constantly wondering where we will get the money to pay the next house payment, utility bill, groceries, etc.  We are very thankful for that.




My name is Stacy.  I will posting a lot of the time-saving, money-saving tips that I have gleaned over the last 10-15 years.  What started my passion for saving money was my desire to be a true help-meet to my husband.  Since I was a SAHM when I first started this journey of implementing as many tips as I could, I viewed any implementation of new ideas as a “pay raise” for our family. I began to view this as my personal “mission” and it was a “ministry” within the walls of my home.  I want to share those ideas with others to help them in their own journey to stretch a dollar.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you find some ideas to inspire you!