One of my pet peeves

We are a home school family.  While enjoying a day off work, I decided to start mapping out the lesson plans for my daughter’s upcoming psychology course.  We will be using Homeschool Psych.

One of my pet peeves is seeing things spelled incorrectly.  It bothers me even more when it is something done by a company, university, a news channel, etc.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when people spell the word “judgment” incorrectly.

The course my daughter will be using suggested watching a series of 26 DVDs online.  I headed to the Annenberg Learner website to view some of them.  I was shocked to find the word “judgment” misspelled, not once, but THREE times!  (Tab down to view segment #11.)

I have seen so many misspellings in the local newspaper, on the TV news channels, and even on a flashing sign in the parking lot of our local mall.  I still find it shocking when I see such obvious errors.  It makes me wonder who oversees the ones who make the errors in the first place.

I have a coworker who also gets annoyed by grammar errors.  One day, she sent me this:

I linked to some other posts about pet peeves simply because everyone has them and some of these posts are rather humorous.  I hope you enjoy them!